Eat shit


People who let themselves be used as toilets


I'm Paul, and I'm a toilet-pig. That means I let other people use me as a toilet, mostly using my mouth to piss and shit into. I've been sucking cocks and getting fucked by hundreds of men since my early teens. and have also been used as a toilet by a lot of men for most of that time.

For the past 12 years I've been married to a domme, who uses my mouth to piss and shit in every day. She keeps me naked & collared when home, has me sleep on the floor, and makes me use a dogbowl for my own piss and shit. She has me drink my piss and eat from it. All I am to her is a toilet.

I discovered a long time ago that all I'm good for is being used as a toilet - drinking piss and eating shit.


Hi, I'm Paul - I drink piss


This page is an attempt at explaining the psychology behind, and giving a rationale for, why some people need to be used as human-toilets, and why other people need to use others as human-toilets. We shall attempt to do so seriously, without - as it were - taking the piss. Okay, so let's start with human-toilets themselves.

Why do many men - and women - desire to be used as human-toilets; to let other people urinate and defecate on them? Why indeed! Anyone not familiar with such practices will regard them with abhorrance - and so they should. It really is abhorrant to even contemplate one person pissing and shitting on another person. It is an extremity of human behaviour, and it is perhaps by virtue of its extremeness that makes it attractive to some.

It is important to distinguish between fantasy and reality. We all of us have a variation of the same stock set of fantasies. Some women dream of having sex with dogs or horses; in reality very few of them actually get around to doing so. Other women dream of being gang-banged - provided it is they themselves who are in control of the situation. In reality, only a small percentage of women actually do let themselves be gang-banged. Many people fantasise about being used as a toilet, but the reality is different. Let's face it - who could actually want someone to piss in their mouth, or dump shit in it? No-one, including me. But we do it - because we feel compelled to do it.

It is important to distinguish between fantasy and reality. The mind is an incredibly powerful mechanism. The human brain consists of two hemispheres - the imagination side and the reality-testing side - connected by the corpus callosum. In the East, use of the imagination side is encouraged, whereas in the West it is discouraged. By the time we reach adulthood the imagination side has been almost completely stifled, leaving only the reality-testing side.

So it is that any form of abnormal behavior is the last bastion against a total defficiency of imagination. The ultimate in abnormal behaviour is that of being a human-toilet. Although the reality-testing side of the mind rejects such activities as abhorrant and repulsive, the imagination side finds them attractive in that they appear to be a stand against the mundane. This fits-in with the perfectly normal search for individuality that we all experience in our teen years. We go to great pains to appear different from our peers - in order to stamp our individuality on the World. Most times it is an ineffective gesture, but we feel better for having made it.

In allowing someone else to urinate and defecate on one, to piss and shit in one's mouth, we are giving ourselves totally to that person. It is the ultimate act of submission - a handing-over of one's very being to that person for them to use as they so desire. It is empowering them to treat you in as demeaning and degrading way as they possibly can, and in such a manner to bring-about their total contempt for you as a human-being. And that is what the totally submissive person wants - to be the object of contempt.

What prompts a person to treat another person as a human-toilet - to piss and shit in their mouth? Is it sadism? Not really, or at least, not as such. Sometimes it will be done by one partner in order to accomodate the wishes of their partner - but that is merely game-playing. No, it is having a naturally dominant personality that occasions the need to totally subjugate another person so far beneath one so as to de-humanise them.

To a dominant person, using another person as a human-toilet is the ultimate in control. When they have started using other person as a toilet, they are well on the way to totally owning and controlling that person. And that is what the dominant person wants - total control and ownership of another human-being. This can also be accomplished by cuckoldry or by beatings, but nowhere nearly as completely as by urinating and defecating on the other person all day and every day.

It is the aim of the dominant person to enslave the other person; to totally break their will. The best way of accomplishing this is to reduce them to the status of being nothing more than a toilet. It is quite enjoyable for a dominant person - every time they need to urinate or defecate - to have trained their partner to jump-up and position themselves to receive their owner's waste either on them or in their mouth.

The feeling of total control over their partner when using them as a human-toilet, greatly overrides their personal revulsion at the sight of the person consuming their waste. And that is what it is all about - total control and ownership of another human being. Ultimate control comes about when the dominant person is able to stand over their human-toilet telling them to eat their shit - and having them eat it without demur or protestation.

A human-toilet wants to be nothing more than a toilet; a human-toilet user wants to own and totally control another human being. Perhaps a perfect accomodation between two people, each possessed of extreme needs by way of behaviour.

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